Black Men of the North Shore (BMNS) at its core, is about healing and love. These photos and stories are a celebration and documentation of the personal narrative, of self-definition and autonomy. This is a love story and the celebration of love.  It is an offering of “I see you” and “I honor you”.  
I am a Black woman, single mother, artist, and a host of other identities that make my entry point into this conversation not easily accomplished, nor casually considered.  At the start of this project, I was in a tension filled space with the men in my life. My father, the father of my child, my lover, and largely, men on a whole.  Over the years of this project, I mothered my child, changed jobs, and moved boroughs. In the words of Hypolita, “somehow in all of this I found my name”. It is this tension space that has fueled my sputters and starts - When and where I enter. Unexpectedly, these conversations captured  and intrigued me, as did all who participated in this project. Through the eyes of these complex Black men, the borough, too, captured my heart. 
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